Itinerary of Our Planned Travels (so far)

A. We arrive at Queen Alia International Airport outside of the city

B. By bus or a friend’s family (to be determined), we travel from the airport to the city of Amman to meet and stay with a very generous new friend we have met through Couchsurfing.

C. We then travel from Amman to ‘Aqaba off the coast of the Red Sea in southern Jordan. Here, we hope to attain a longer Visa from the police station and are interested in comparing the two cities. This is where we will catch our bus to our first WWOOF destination.

D. Our first WWOOF destination in Wadi Rum will be a bedouin tourist camp called Wadi Rum Sunset Camp in the desert area 68 km north of Aqaba. We plan to stay here for a month, working with the director of the camp, Mohammad Sabah Al-Zalabeh, in exchange for room and board. Job duties include cleaning the camp and preparing for new tourists, helping his wife with the children (teaching them English and playing with them.. yay!) in the village, promoting his online presence and answering emails, and other various duties to make the camp run smoother.

E. After spending a month volunteering at the Wadi Rum Sunset Camp, Nelson and I will split up. The next place I will be going is a small bed and breakfast run by an incredibly interesting and friendly Dutch woman, Brenda. Brenda has emigrated from the Netherlands and has lived and established herself in Wadi Musa for many years. I look forward to helping her with her social media networking and marketing to make her website and bed and breakfast more accessible and clear to potential clients. I will help her with whatever I can in exchange for room and board. She has also offered to teach me many things that are uniquely part of the identity of a Bedouin woman.

Nelson will be headed back to ‘Aqaba, where he will volunteer at a diving center in exchange for a place to stay. He will either stay in the Diving center’s accommodation or with a family of one of the employees there.

We both plan to spend a month in this part of our journey.

F. After a month apart and a little over two months into our journey (if all goes according to plan!), Nelson and I will reunite and travel together to a sustainable farm off the Dead Sea called The Dead Sea Harmony Center. These plans still have to be worked out, but as of right now we are planning to volunteering for a month in exchange for room and board. This cool mudbrick houseis where we will be sleeping! Expected work includes (but is definitely not limited to) maintaining and developing the garden areas; developing irrigation systems, building projects, composting, helping teach English, help in preparing for visiting groups and line the mudbrick house to help seal them. I am extra excited to work in this place because of the interesting and diverse working skills that Nelson and I can both acquire. We have a deep interest for sustainable agriculture and both love working with our hands to see physical results of our labor. I think this experience will offer us an incredible amount of learning experience and we look forward to providing hard work in exchange.

A possible new and exciting alternative plan has been in the process of developing for both Nelson and I in Nuweiba, Egypt.  Nolan, a friend of mine that I met in Lebanon is currently a great volunteer at a farm in the area.
In his words: “The problem in one sentence: 500,000 people live in the Sinai, mostly bedouins, and the tourism dollars have dried up and can no longer lift them out of poverty – we’re hoping self-sufficient agriculture can…”

A. Nuweiba, Egypt

These are our rough plans so far! We hope to travel many places through out the area, including Beirut, Lebanon  and Istanbul, Turkey. However, these plans require additional research and planning. We will have to keep a firm grip on our finances and carefully anticipate what we will need in order to expand our experiences as far as we desire.

We will keep updating as soo as we know more specific details regarding our travels!


Jen G.

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